Swing Gate Kits

Aprimatic ZT44 – Hydraulic Operator Swing Gate Kit **SALE**

$1,301.00 $499.00

High-quality hydraulic swing gate kit for customers who want a long term and reliable system for the residential/domestic gates.  Maximum driveway width [3.6 metres].

  • Hydraulic operator kits for swing gates up to 1.8m per leaf.  Maximum driveway width for double set [3.6m].
  • Anti-crush system with sensitive by-pass valves that can be set up during installation.
  • Front and rear mounting brackets to enables easy attachment.
  • Rear articulated fork flange ensures flexible and sturdy assembly on the pillar.
  • Manual release mechanism located on the upper part of the operator in the event of mains power supply failure.
  • Double valve for adjustment device for regulating the gate opening and closing speed.

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