Nice RB500HS Operator


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RB500HS Operator

For sliding gates weighing up to 500 kg. Compatible for operation with Nice Solemyo and O-View Features & Benefits:

Speed: class leading speed up to 0.43 m/s thanks to superb mechanical engineering and uncompromising component quality.
Endurance: Robus redefines intensive use as a standard. Robus 500 guarantees no less than 450 operations per day.
Reliability: a genuine battery back-up system (optional extra) guarantees continued operation during power outages. The intelligent charger and system design ensures battery longevity.
Intelligence: the smart controller offers:

– 8 programming levels and self-diagnosis; a master/slave selection automatically synchronizes two motors
– up to 7 pairs of safety beams can be added using only 2 wires, thanks to the Nice BlueBUS technology
– Temperature sensor to automatically adapt to climatic conditions.
Durability: base and release in pressure die cast aluminium and epoxy paint finish.
Silence: gear motor on bearings ensures silent operation.
Compatible with the Nice Opera system: connect to the hand held O-View programmer for a simple and easy to use interface. You don’t’ have to be on your knees to program a Robus!
Compatible with Nice Solemyo solar power kit: Just plug it in to harness the power of the sun and enjoy a cable free installation!
Compatible with the Nice IT4WIFI module: Control your Robus with your smart phone!


Additional parts (Not required):

– Photocell (FT210/F210B)

– Wi-Fi (IT4WIFI)

– Keypad (EDSWG)

– Solar Power Kit (Solemyo)


Technical Specifications:

RB500 HS

Electrical data
Power supply (Vac 50 Hz)

Absorption (A)

Power (W)

Performance data
Speed (m/s)

Force (N)

Work cycle (cycles/day)

Operations in standby with battery

Dimensional and general data
Protection level (IP)

Working temp. ( °C Min/Max)
-20 ÷ +50

Dimensions (mm)
330 (L) x 210 (W) x 303 (H)

Weight (kg)


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